Before we board the plane…

Polaroid Book Jumpstart

We wanted to officially thank EVERYONE who contributed to our Jumpstart project!! The final tally was $765.00 with almost thirty contributors and that is absolutely AMAZING. We are beside ourselves with overwhelming gratitude. Honestly, this trip physically would not be possible without you. Now it’s time for us to pay you back with all the cool stuff we find in the next seven days!! We’ve got a rough sketch itinerary with dozens upon dozens of motels, signs, cafes and dinos to explore and photograph. We’ll be sure to update this blog, Facebook and/or Twitter as we travel from town to town so you can follow along with us on our journey.

We want to *specifically thank a few contributors at the Amboy level who weren’t able to get properly fed and imbibed a couple weekends ago at our Retro Party! So EXTRA special high fives go out to Martha, John & Jeri, Monica Tim & Addie, John & Angela, Chelsea Nick & Afton, Matt, Christa, Jon, and Amanda! Thanks for being such kickass friends to say the least!! You guys and everyone else who contributed will find your names in our book later this year (we think we finally settled on our printer today!) and of course you all will get mentioned in our video from Santa Monica Pier this coming Wednesday or Thursday!

Until then, thanks again to everyone!! You’ve more than earned your spot amongst the Fading Nostalgia Allstars

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