The Flash Nites Moon Patrol


If I were signing up for a VIP fan club of sorts, I’d want to know what I was getting myself into. Well, you’re in luck. Here’s a snippet of a fan favorite from a series we’re doing where we explore the most common questions (and bizarre comments) we get during our show season . . .

Do you get permission?

Ummm…who’s asking?

In all seriousness, this a loaded question. More so comprised of the following subversive questions:

1. “Do you trespass?” Kinda. Maybe. Sorry, we didn’t see the warning sign posted, we apologize, Mr. Officer. (Yeah that happened.)

2. “Do you break and enter?” Nope, that we don’t do…ok, like 99% of the time. (But that 1% is totally historically justifiable.)

If this country is built on anything, it’s not really so much freedom, but more so ownership of property. The white picket fence. Amber waves of grain. The American Dream. Even when that dream is completely dead, rotting, literally being swallowed back into the earth with every drop of rain the gobbles up the collapsed roof because its owner sadly had to give up on it and now lives somewhere else, perhaps hundreds of miles away.

But, hey, it’s still got an owner. Technically. So we step foot inside…we’re trespassing…technically.

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Diggin’ it?

Sweet. You’re our people.

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