Explore the lost. Play in the dark.

It’s late. It’s dark. And it’s cold.

But there’s a full moon out there, so we pack up our gear. Our van, Moon Patrol, is all juiced up. We’re off!
The Destination? Middle of Somewheresville.
The Tunes? ’80s-era radio that buzzes in and out as we roll from town to town.
The Snacks? Sweet ‘n salty Gas Station grub. You treat yourself when you’re on the road.

The Feels?

A sort of jittery swirl deep in the belly. You know, because when you pull up on a dark gravel road that leads to a shadowy bulk of brick, wood, and weedy overgrowth…you get nervous. (Too many Jason movies.)

The Purpose?

Sometimes it feels like this country is falling apart.
This is our own little way of putting some pieces back together.


hell no.

No HDR computery BS. No trays of toxic chemicals either. We just use those lights and stuff up there.

watch us in action

Lightpainting + Music = Match made in heaven!

Field Report - Summertime Songs - The Flash Nites
Field Report's Summertime Songs on Verve Forecast
Primetime Illusion - Trapper Schoepp - The Flash Nites
Trapper Schoepp's Primetime Illusion on Xtra Mile Recordings

Once upon a time, Katie wanted to design record artwork when she grew up. Enter: Summertime Songs, Field Report’s latest album, which features a Flash Nites original on the cover and our band portrait photography through the liner notes. Childhood Dream unlocked. Grab it here ›

Then…one year later…Enter: Trapper Schoepp’s Primetime Illusion (out January 25, 2019). Not only did we help provide the art direction concept and shoot the artwork for the entire album, but Katie designed the whole thing too. Childhood Dream definitely unlocked. Grab it here ›

The Flash Nites Moon Patrol


Moon Patrol, let’s hit the road! Every summer, we set up our tent and sell our work to anyone who stops inside.

The Flash Nites Adventures


From 3-mile hikes into the Painted Desert to trespassing tickets to a shot-gun pointed at your face, we’ve got it all…

The Flash Nites Podcasting


Just a little story about our night adventure inside of an abandoned, 90-year-old theater in the heart of East St. Louis…

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Get your scroll on.

Get your scroll on.