Thanks for your help!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Fading Nostalgia cause through Jumpstart! Because of your generosity, we made it to the end of Route 66 and collected all the Polaroids we need for the book. And in exchange we threw a retro Party for everyone in early October and we’re giving several people 5″x5″ and 8″x10″ prints, a postcard from the road, Route 66 souvenirs, a copy of the aforementioned book WITH their names in the foreword, several real–not reprinted!!–Route 66 Polaroids that we took on the trip, and even a signed Polaroid camera we used on the road! We couldn’t be more excited that so many people see the good in our Fading Nostalgia cause. While Jumpstart may be officially over, we’ll never stop attempting to repay our faithful followers by continuing to explore and expose everyone to lost Americana. Wonder who contributed? Catch the vid THANK YOU in all its cheesy glory! Seriously, this would’ve been more awesome if we weren’t simultaneously nervous about all the staring, public speaking, and Chris’s cell phone tucked into a paper cup perched on top of a tripod! But you all know how much we love you! Thanks once again everyone! WE DID IT!!