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Analog’s Pulse or bust!

It’s been pretty quiet on the Fading Nostalgia front, we admit. Getting back into the day-job life after our Route 66 trip was hectic to say the least. But this weekend, we’re taking yet another break from the daily routine. We’re re-packing our bags and heading east to Cleveland, OH, for a [first annual] photography festival/workshop, Analog’s Pulse.

Analog’s Pulse |¬†Cleveland, OH June 29 – 30, 2013

In a nutshell: bring your “analog” cameras…your Holgas, your Polaroids, your SLRs and your 35mm…anything that requires hand-loading real live film, hit the streets of Cleveland, take boat loads of photos, have a blast. Sounds like our kinda party right?? Right! While we’ve both been to Cleveland, we have not yet visited the workshop’s sponsor, Aperture Photography & Variety Store, located in the Tremont neighborhood, which ALSO just so happens to carry our book. From the looks of photos though, it might be a little slice heaven.

Aperture Tremont

The event is also sponsored also by A&A Studios out of Chicago, the kind photography-lovers at Film Photography Project and Old School Photo Lab out of New Hampshire. So between sponsors and attendees, we’ll be among friends most definitely.

So hop back on the Fading Nostalgia bus and follow along as we get down with old school photo geekness.

. . .

[Ed. Note 2015: We never actually followed up with another blog post. What’s extra sad is that Aperture Tremont is long gone and this is all but a fond, but distant memory. To liven this post up, here are some shots from that weekend!]

Loading up the wagons and by wagons I mean actual cameras that take actual film.

Inside Aperture Photography & Variety Store – where we met great analogophiles and had delicious beer.

Our fearless leader, and former owner of Aperture, Scott! He’s in Michigan now, but still rockin’ the photography thing.¬†

This wasn’t taken with an analog camera at all, but I couldn’t pass up the amazing textures

All the beautiful analog cameras of our little walking group

Look how far we walked around the city of Cleveland!!

All of the Polaroids I took during the walk!

Looking back, a little wistfully, I might admit, I remember why we were so excited about Polaroid and other analog photography back then. It’s so easy to keep snapping cell phone photo after photo – you can always delete and retake. But with Pola, you really have to frame your shot, ensure ideal conditions for the film to develop, hope for the best, and live through the sweet anticipation of finally seeing the image appear. Good times.

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