Spartan Mansion

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Long Exposure Photograph of a 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion, sitting idle in the ghost town of Griffin, ND. Griffin probably hasn’t seen any significant action for the better part of 50 years. In fact, the town’s only residents included a motley crew of forgotten pieces of history: an old school house, one lone Milwaukee Road boxcar, dozens of supremely vintage vehicles, a windmill, and something else, something particularly unique. As we approached the western edge of the defunct make-shift town, we happened upon this serious tank of an aluminum travel trailer. At 33 feet long and 2.5 tons, so gigantic, it makes the Airstream look like an AMC Pacer. Its external features and construction closely resembled a vintage aeroplane, while its internal furnishings–from what we could tell as we peered inside its windows–well, clearly all the comforts of a quaint mobile home straight out of the mid-century. With the help of a few minutes exposure, some full moonlight, and a green-colored flash through the windows, we brought the old girl back to life. We gave her a night off from all the other lonely ones, the soft rumble of the highway in the distance, a country mile from the golden age from which she came.

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