Silver Screen Superstar Cinemagraph


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Framed Cinemagraph Video – Limited Edition of 5

*To view this piece in action, scroll down and watch the video.*

We created this cinemagraph of the Gem Theatre in Cairo, Illinois, from several still shots, taken in pitch dark, illuminated by a Protomachines flash light set to blue and yellow. We put the stills together in a random order, looped several times to create that classic theatre flicker.

What is an Infinite Object? In short: a printed video. Amazing right? A little more upscale than an animated gif, an IO can sit on your shelf and play in a loop indefinitely when plugged in. The battery that lasts for about two hours, unplugged. No buttons, no connectivity, no app and no updates necessary.

Lucite Acrylic, 7” Diagonal IPS LCD Display, with a mag-safe style USB Power Cable
Certificate of Authenticity included

[videopress lLie89ju]


About the Gem Theatre: Opened in 1910, the Gem Theatre was destroyed by fire a few decades later. Despite many tries over the past century to save this beauty, any remnant of renovations have long been destroyed by people, animals, and the elements. Something sad lurks under the land and water in Cairo. Attempts to succeed are met with walls as thick as the levees that surround this river town.

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