Book Tour June Edition

Route 66 Road Trip

It’s THE BIG TRIP time here at Fading Nostalgia!!! Today we embark on our 11-day journey from Milwaukee, WI, out to Tucumcari, NM, for the Wheels on 66 festival where Chris will be signing Route 66 Polaroid books. As a bonus we finally get to meet the new Blue Swallow caretakers, Kevin and Nancy!

This trip is the apex of what we’ve been striving to do since we published the book. Here we are, a couple of no-names from Wisconsin who had just a little tiny dream to publish a book…and we get to sit along side such great authors, artists and enthusiasts–true role models in the biz–Jim Ross, Shellee Graham, Jim Hinckley, Jerry McClanahan, Michael Campanelli, Joe Sonderman and Doug Quarles. Back in September when we pressed the Big Blue Publish Button to release our Fading Nostalgia website, never in a million years did we think we’d get to this point. Even in December when we pressed the Big Red Publish Button to release the Polaroid book, we had no idea we’d be traveling 1300 miles for such a cool event. And for that, we are VERY humbled and thankful!!

Meanwhile, we’re still planning to grab our briefcases, hats and neckties as we literally go door-to-door to continue to get the word out about the book. There are so many great stops along Route 66 with great gift shops. Obviously Polaroid Photos from Route 66 would be the perfect addition to these kitschy little nooks along America’s back roads! Now that Route 66 Summer Season is underway–especially for our friends who’ve traveled overseas for the experience–we think it’s the perfect time to set out and see how much bigger our little tiny dream can get.

We’re going to attempt to do something a little different for this roadie and THAT is to update this sparse blog every day along the way! It gets tough when you roll into a motel with spotty internet at 11pm, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?? As always, we’ll most definitely be taking advantage of plenty of 3 and 4G out there in cyberspace as we update our Facebook and Twitter pages. So check now and check often!!

See you on the road!
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